February 15, 2099

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Information for hosts:
Mr Ogre has graciously allowed Pet Campbell from petsgardenblog.com to take the Carnival showcase over..
If your interested in hosting please drop Pet an emailnewblogcarnival
Information for entries:http://blogcarnival.com/bc/
More updates coming soon!!!!

New Blog
If you are hosting feel free to use your creativity. Ideally the carnival should be up on the end date listed, a Monday. If you don't think you can have it up by then, please let me know. For those hosting please link to the next person due to host as well so those sending entries know where to send them. If you are hosting an upcoming carnival, please post an entry so people know how to get their posts to you.

Here is the alternate address to offer your marvelous hosting ability!
(which gets you links and is just plain fun), just petcampbell>Information for entries:http://blogcarnival.com/bc/

If you would like to send an entry to the carnival, please follow the link to this week's host and check the entry details. You can send an email with an your blog's name and URL, a permalink to the particular post you wish to enter, its title and a brief summary of the entry. Please select a single post as an entry, not your entire blog. There is more information in the FAQ and Submissions page.

The absolute best way to submit your blog is to use the multi-carnival submission form.

To qualify your blog should be less than 3 months old.

If you don't use the form, here's the

Each week the host will get the login details.

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