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February 15, 2099

The main post

This post is permanently at the top. Please scroll down for new posts.

Information for hosts:
Mr Ogre has graciously allowed Pet Campbell from to take the Carnival showcase over..
If your interested in hosting please drop Pet an emailnewblogcarnival
Information for entries:
More updates coming soon!!!!

New Blog
If you are hosting feel free to use your creativity. Ideally the carnival should be up on the end date listed, a Monday. If you don't think you can have it up by then, please let me know. For those hosting please link to the next person due to host as well so those sending entries know where to send them. If you are hosting an upcoming carnival, please post an entry so people know how to get their posts to you.

Here is the alternate address to offer your marvelous hosting ability!
(which gets you links and is just plain fun), just petcampbell>Information for entries:

If you would like to send an entry to the carnival, please follow the link to this week's host and check the entry details. You can send an email with an your blog's name and URL, a permalink to the particular post you wish to enter, its title and a brief summary of the entry. Please select a single post as an entry, not your entire blog. There is more information in the FAQ and Submissions page.

The absolute best way to submit your blog is to use the multi-carnival submission form.

To qualify your blog should be less than 3 months old.

If you don't use the form, here's the

Each week the host will get the login details.

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September 26, 2005

New layout's a new layout for the Showcase Carnival. What do you think?

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February 14, 2005

FAQ and Submissions

Welcome to the New Blog Showcase Blog. After NZ Bear put his New Blog Showcase on hiatus I thought it was a shame that such a good idea go to waste. So I humbly present this weekly New Blog Showcase Carnival, with the explicit aim of giving exposure to newer members of the blogosphere.

This will work a little differently to the Bear's old system. The qualification criteria remains simple: your blog must be less than 3 months old. Submit your post to the host of each week's carnival (list of hosts is here). The carnival will be run once a week.

I strongly encourage people with blogs to link to those posts they enjoy. Or if you have something more you want to add, or disagree with, or whatever. Bloggers live for linkage and giving newer members of the blogosphere a taste of that is the aim of this site. All I ask is you also link back to the post here at this site as well as at the original.


If you want to submit a post please title the email "Showcase entry" and include the following information in the email:

1. Your blog's name and URL
2. Your post's title and permalink
3. An excerpt or precis of the post for me to put up here to tempt people to read and link to your site.
4. Your name and a contact email address (for verification purposes only)

For submitting you can use the following:
1. Use the central submission email:
2. Use the multi-carnival submission form, found via Harvey.
3. Check the upcoming host's site for other submission details.

What do entrants need to do in return?

I also would like to ask every submitter to add the Showcase and the host blog to their blogroll as the quid pro quo for being added to this site. Secondly as per Harvey's suggestion I would like each new blogger to also link to at least one other entry (apart from their own). It's an extremely small price to pay.

Feel free to recommend posts from other people's blogs who match the criteria. Please include the same details as above PLUS your contact details (email) and if possible permission from the original blog too.

Any feedback or comments is welcome.

UPDATE: Harvey has asked some good questions.

Firstly there is no voting on these entries. On the key lessons from Bear's experience was voting descended into a political cat-fight. I strongly encourage people to link to their favourite posts and humbly request they link to both the original post and back to the Showcase blog. I suppose if a certain post garners lots of links then it could be considered a "winner" but there will be no official winners each week.

Secondly posts will be made as they are received and left for a week from the time of posting. It makes the admin far simpler for me.



At Dean's suggestion I am going to ask that every blog that submits an entry adds Showcase to their Blogroll.

Also if you are an "Established" blogger I also humbly request you add Showcase to your Blogroll. The greater the linkage, the greater the exposure and the better the showcase will be.


Already some newer bloggers are unsure as to what "Permalinks" are. On almost every blogging platform each individual entry has a marker that is the single identifier of that entry. This is called the Permalink and that is what I need to link to your brilliant post. It is often at the bottom of the post, next to the comments part. It may say "Link", "Permalink", "#", or the time or date or something else completely. It is important to find these links as otherwise I have to search your blog to find your post and I don't have that much time...

If you are still unsure, at the very least give me the post title and the date of entry and I will track the permalink for you. But you need to work out Permalinks, for they are the lifeblood of linkage, which is the lifeblood of the Blogosphere.

UPDATE 3: I'm going to slowly compile a list of Blogging Tips and add them to the sidebar. Any suggestions are greatly welcomed. For newcomers please look through these as they contain pearls of wisdom from people who have been there and done that.

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