September 27, 2004

Entry: INFALLIBLE 2004 Presidential Election Predictor

Efficacy has the INFALLIBLE 2004 Presidential Election Predictor:

Whichever candidate wins two out of three of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania will win the election.

I have been saying this for months now and many who read my posts already know that in addition to being exceedingly humble, handsome, intelligent and witty, I am very rarely wrong.

Zogby's latest battleground states poll has Kerry currently ahead in both Florida and Pennsylvania while Bush leads only in Ohio. Therefore, if the election were held today, Kerry would win. Unfortunately, the election is not being held today.

Poll enthusiasts will no doubt already be aware that Zogby is unmatched in accuracy in presidential polling in the latest two presidential election cycles (in 2000 he was tied with Harris). It is for that reason I have selected Zogby battleground states poll as the major (but not the only) data point for my INFALLIBLE election predictor.

Posted by Simon at September 27, 2004 03:18 AM

remember those other things that influence the election... what are they called? oh, yeah, the other 500+ electoral votes.

Posted by: Anon. at October 21, 2004 11:37 AM
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